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Run, walk, dance and have fun at our 24 hour
Treadmill Challenge for Suicide Prevention

Together, every step matters

Tread Together will bring together people from all across the country, moving as one to raise much-needed awareness of suicide and funds towards its prevention.

This national community event series will be held 3pm Friday 25th May - 3pm Saturday 26th May, and you don’t have to be a member of an Anytime Fitness club to take part, everyone is welcome.

You can get involved either as an individual or as a team, and can choose to run, walk, or even dance, for as little as 15 minutes, or for any length of time all the way up to the full 24 hours; it’s completely up to you.

We are all in this together, so please join us to Tread Together, because together every step matters.


Top Individuals

  • Tim Hardy Tim Hardy $4,840.79
  • Amanda Pope Amanda Pope $3,495.89
  • Soleful Strutters Soleful Strutters $2,673.55
  • Jonathon MacLean Jonathon MacLean $2,238.29
  • Australian Defence Force Australian Defence Force (Russell) $2,088.79
  • Carly Matthew Carly Matthew $1,874.20
  • Shane Worthington Shane Worthington $1,569.80
  • Kelvin Campbell Kelvin Campbell $1,500.00
  • Connor Hardy Connor Hardy $1,396.22
  • Red Rogers Red Rogers $1,326.90

Top Teams

  • Anytime Narrabeen Anytime Narrabeen $16,165.20
  • Life Fitness Life Fitness $15,000.00
  • Anytime Fitness Fyshwick Team Anytime Fitness Fyshwick $12,184.20
  • Anytime Blaxland & Springwood Anytime Blaxland $7,892.33
  • Anytime WarnersBay Anytime Warners Bay $7,791.01
  • Anytime Collective Wellness Group Anytime Collective Wellness Group $7,273.65
  • Rhiannon Bullock Anytime Waterford West $7,087.99
  • Anytime SalamanderBayNSW Anytime Salamander Bay NSW $6,893.40
  • Anytime WetherillPark Anytime Wetherill Park $6,570.44
  • Anytime Drysdale Anytime Drysdale $6,337.36
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